Male Pressfit Coupling

Certification: WRAS, DVGW

Standards: BSPT male threads to IS0 7-1

Material: Stainless Steel

Grade: 316/L

Maximum Pressure: 16 Bar from -35 to 135°C

For Use with: M-profile press tools.

Code Description Size Price
099P270M1512 15mm x 1/2 Male Coupling 15mm x 1/2
099P270M1534 15mm x 3/4 Male Coupling 15mm x 3/4
099P270M2212 22mm x 1/2 Male Coupling 22mm x 1/2
099P270M2234 22mm x 3/4 Male Coupling 22mm x 3/4
099P270M281 28mm x 1 Male Coupling 28mm x 1
099P270M35114 35mm x 11/4 Male Coupling 35mm x 11/4
099P270M42112 42mm x 11/2 Male Coupling 42mm x 11/2
099P270M542 54mm x 2 Male Coupling 54mm x 2
099P270M76212 76.1mm x 21/2 Male Coupling 76.1mm x 2 1/2
099P270M883 88.9mm x 3 Male Coupling 88.9mm x 3
099P270M1084 108mm x 4 Male Coupling 108mm x 4
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