Penny Washer

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Code Description Size Price Quantity
080PWASHERM6X25 M6 (O.D. 25mm) Penny Washer M6
£0.06 (exc VAT)
080PWASHERM6 M6 (O.D. 30mm) Penny Washer M6
£0.06 (exc VAT)
080PWASHERM8 M8 (O.D. 25mm) Penny Washer M8
£0.03 (exc VAT)
080PWASHERM10X25 M10 (O.D. 25mm) Penny Washer M10
£0.06 (exc VAT)
080PWASHERM10 M10 (O.D. 30mm) Penny Washer M10
£0.06 (exc VAT)
080PWASHERM12 M12 (O.D. 38mm) Penny Washer M12
£0.10 (exc VAT)