Saddle Clip - BZP

A Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) steel saddle for Steel Tube to BS1387.

Material: Bright Zinc Plated Steel

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TypePipe Clip

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Code Description Size Type Weight (Kg) Price Quantity
061TINCLIP008 ¼" BZP Saddle Clip 1/4" Pipe Clip 0.01 POA
061TINCLIP010 3/8" BZP Saddle Clip 3/8" Pipe Clip - POA
061TINCLIP015 ½" BZP Saddle Clip 1/2" Pipe Clip 0.01 POA
061TINCLIP020 ¾" BZP Saddle Clip 3/4" Pipe Clip 0.02 POA
061TINCLIP025 1" BZP Saddle Clip 1" Pipe Clip 0.02 POA
061TINCLIP032 1 ¼" BZP Saddle Clip 1 1/4" Pipe Clip 0.03 POA
061TINCLIP040 1 ½" BZP Saddle Clip 1 1/2" Pipe Clip 0.03 POA
061TINCLIP050 2" BZP Saddle Clip 2" Pipe Clip - POA