ChannelStrut™ Support System

Our ChannelStrut™ range is a metal framing system including steel channel and bracketry.

It is a standardised structural system and is usually formed from 2.5mm thick steel sheet, folded over into an open channel shape with inwards-curving lips to provide a rigidity and as a location to mount other components of our range of clips, fixings and bracketry and is manufactured in accordance with BS6946:1988.

Supplied in a galvanised finish, our channel also allows for the choice of plain or slotted finish meaning that the base of the strut has holes to allow for the fitment of fasteners and bolts. Our channel is also available in a choice of depths; full, half and back-to-back. Full channel measures 41mm x 41mm, half channel measures 41mm x 21mm and our back-to-back channel measures 41mm x 82mm.

Our bracketry allows for the quick and fuss-free joining of lengths of channel to construct a metal framing system. They are manufactured in hot dip galvanised 6mm thick steel in accordance with BS6946:1988.

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ChannelStrut™ Support System