Standards & Accreditations:

WRAS Approved

DVGW Standard


Material: Stainless Steel

Grade: 316/L (1.4404) UNS S31603 to standard EN10088 with Leak Before Press (LBP) design

O-Ring: Fittings incorporate a black EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) O-ring. Green FKM and Blue Silicone VMQ O-rings can be purchased seperately.

Maximum Pressure: 16Bar from -20?C to 120?C

For use with: M-profile press tools.


Material: Stainless Steel

Grade: 316/L (1.4404) UNS S31603 to standard EN10088

O-Ring: Yellow HNBR (Hydrogenated Acrylonitrite Butadiene Rubber)

Maximum Pressure: 1Bar (max working pressure inside buildings) and 5Bar (max working pressure outside buildings) from -20?C to 70?C

For use with: M-profile press tools

Code Description Size Price
099P2432215 22mm x 15mm Reducer 22mm x 15mm
099P2432815 28mm x 15mm Reducer 28mm x 15mm
099P2432822 28mm x 22mm Reducer 28mm x 22mm
099P2433522 35mm x 22mm Reducer 35mm x 22mm
099P2433528 35mm x 28mm Reducer 35mm x 28mm
099P2434222 42mm x 22mm Reducer 42mm x 22mm
099P2434228 42mm x 28mm Reducer 42mm x 28mm
099P2434235 42mm x 35mm Reducer 42mm x 35mm
099P2435422 54mm x 22mm Reducer 54mm x 22mm
099P2435428 54mm x 28mm Reducer 54mm x 28mm
099P2435435 54mm x 35mm Reducer 54mm x 35mm
099P2435442 54mm x 42mm Reducer 54mm x 42mm
099P2437642 76mm x 42mm Reducer 76mm x 42mm
099P2437654 76mm x 54mm Reducer 76mm x 54mm
099P2438854 89mm x 54mm Reducer 89mm x 54mm
099P2438876 89mm x 76mm Reducer 89mm x 76mm
099P24310854 108mm x 54mm Reducer 108mm x 54mm
099P24310876 108mm x 76mm Reducer 108mm x 76mm
099P24310888 108mm x 89mm Reducer 108mm x 89mm
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